Regulations and booking conditions

Regulations and booking conditions

In welcoming its guests and thanking them for choosing La Conchiglia Village, the Management kindly invites them to observe the following regulations to guarantee a peaceful stay and optimum service to all. These regulations are posted in the main office and/or distributed throughout the complex and guests therefore unconditionally accept them upon entry.


It is strictly forbidden:
– to dig in the ground, damage the grass, flowers and plants and light fires other than barbeques
– play ball games or any other games that may cause disturb others
– erect awnings, tie ropes at man height, or install any other equipment the Management considers dangerous or unacceptable
– damage, soil or tamper with systems and equipment

Any subject who intends to access the campsite for whatever reason is obliged to obtain authorisation from the Management. Each individual intending to access the campsite must provide the Management with an identity document for registration as required by law and is obliged to give notification of any change in his/her presence.

External visitors may only access the campsite subject to prior authorisation from the Management. The price of a one-night stay shall be applied for visits lasting longer than 1 hour.

Vehicles may only be used when entering or leaving the campsite, at authorised times, at walking speed. It is forbidden to cause disturbance to others and use leisure equipment during siesta time.

Siesta time, ban on use of motor vehicles:
13.30 – 15.30 / 23.00 – 7.30

Main office closed: 13.30 – 15.30 / 20.30 – 8.30
Check in within 8.30 pm
Check our within 10.00 am

The Management declines all responsibility for injury caused by other guests, acts of God, atmospheric phenomena, natural calamities, epidemics, plant diseases or other causes that do not derive directly from the negligence of campsite staff.

Pitches shall be assigned at the Management’s discretion on arrival and unauthorised changes shall not be allowed. Cars must be parked on the pitch next to the tent or caravan, or in another place allocated by the Management.

On arrival, guests may take possession of their chalets after 3.300 p.m., whereas departure must take place by 10.00 a.m. Upon arrival, guests must notify the Management of any missing or broken items inside the chalets; on departure day the facilities will be checked and any damage will be charged to the guest.

Guests are responsible for looking after their own property. The Management declines all responsibility for the theft of any property or valuables not placed in the safe.

The Management reserves the right to dismiss any person who fails to comply with the regulations set forth herein, without any kind of refund.

– After booking, the Management must be sent a deposit for 30% the total cost of the stay, by bank transfer:
Via della stazione,53 30015 Chioggia VE – I
IBAN: IT 64c 08807 20900 000000039057

– Bookings should only be considered as finalised after the booking confirmation has been sent to the guest by the Management.
– No discount will be applied in the event of arrivals non-conform with the booking or in the event of early departure.
– Should the number of guests on arrival exceed the maximum number allowed, children included, the booking will be cancelled and the deposit paid withheld. Should our staff subsequently discover the presence of undeclared people, the guest will be obliged to pay for the whole stay for all the extra people from the day of their arrival.
– In the event of booking cancellation, the deposit shall be returned as follows:
90% of the deposit, for cancellations made at least 60 days before arrival
50% of the deposit, for cancellations made at least 30 days before arrival
No reimbursement of the deposit in the case of cancellations made thereafter.
– Minors will not be admitted unless accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the stay
– At the beginning and end of the season some facilities and services may be reduced or not operative, without entitling guests to any kind of refund.
– Only one car is allowed inside the private area for each residential unit or pitch.
– Payment for stays must be made upon arrival.
– The prices shown on the price list comprise the services of the respective accommodation categories only.
– No animals are allowed inside “La Conchiglia Village”
– The Management reserves the right to dismiss or prosecute perpetrators.

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